Reman Transmissions

We don’t think anyone will accuse us of overstatement if we say flat out that transmission failure is never happy news. If your transmission has gone kaput, it’s quite possible that you’re even now muttering not-so-choice words and wondering what you’re going to do about it. Should you rebuild it, replace it, or just junk the whole vehicle?  Maybe you’re here because you started scouring websites trying to figure out your options. If so, you will (if you haven’t already) come across a rebuilt transmission for a noticeably lower price than factory-remanufactured. Unfortunately, what they won’t tell you is that a rebuilt transmission is a probable candidate for yet another headache and another “what to do now” afternoon – long before you’re in the mood to do it again.

What it ultimately comes down to is your car worth fixing? Does the cost of repairing it and getting several more years use out of it stack up favorably against the costs of getting a new one (probably with new car payments and higher insurance rates)? Or is it a classic car you’re restoring? In many instances, replacing the tranny is the right move. So why go remanufactured rather than rebuilt? Well, to be blunt, rebuilts are notoriously known to break down after limited use and sometimes it can happen within one year after the install— probably why they usually only come with a 60-90 day warranty. The price difference between ‘rebuilt’ and ‘remanufactured’ is usually too small to make the risk worthwhile. You may very well get lucky with a rebuilt, but this simple truth is why most automotive professionals recommend a Remanufactured Transmission.

At the end of the day, the main reason you’re going to want to choose remanufactured over rebuilt is your “Peace of Mind.” And no one is more knowledgeable or helpful than the Brickyard Transmission team. We understand what you’re dealing with and want to help. We’ll be your pit crew. No matter what you drive, Brickyard Transmission gives you a superior transmission at a price a heckuva lot lower than buying a new rig. And we give you a 3-YEAR warranty, not 3-months-and-you’re-on-your-own-buddy.  Whatever kind of transmission you need, Brickyard is here to help you.

Check out The Shop online or request a quote today and let us get your vehicle back on the road.